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RESPIRA offers all electricity producers who do not use fossil fuels, the management of the sale and payment of electricity generated. RESPIRA available technology for all types of special regime producers. Additionally RESPIRA offers great producers, technology integration through web services to share information and properly handle economic and energy.

RESPIRA, those producers that use fossil fuels to generate electricity, but the generated as a byproduct of a process heat required for the production process also offers the possibility to operate the platform.

As differential facts RESPIRA offers producers simplifying the process of collection. In a single bill have all the information corresponding to the period invoiced, avoiding reliquidaciones. Also, each monthly bill is delivered additional energy balance helps to properly manage the installation.

In economic RESPIRA offers highly competitive management costs and provides coverage of the total cost of detours, or almost entirely. If you receive an offer for the management of its installation in contact 931802960 or support@respiraenergia.com.

So they can know the rates of remuneration producing special arrangements in the tables below show the values ​​of the Order IET 1045/2014, the method of payment is defined in the Royal Decree 413/2014. The rates shown apply solely to those producers who are properly registered in the Register of remuneration that have a specific facility type code, hereinafter assigned IT.

For the interpretation of the rate tables, please note the following:

Salary investment [€ / MWh • In] : Corresponds to the fixed amount charged each year and producer, regardless of the production done by way of return on investment. The tables show the values ​​for a central power 1 [MWh]. Needed a token to know the exact value for each function of the central power.

Salary operation [€ / MWh] : corresponds to the amount varies depending on the production performed. The amount obtained by multiplying production [MWh] made the month "n" value of the remuneration operation [€ / MWh] that appears in the tables. The remuneration operation has limited hours maximum and only charge this concept to maximum hours listed in the tables below.

Reduction of income coefficient (value between 0 and 1) : The sum of the amounts obtained for Salary and Remuneration investment operation , multiplied by Coefficient D . This coefficient is to regulate the entire facility produces at least equivalent operating hours. Generally in a facility that does not have severe problems of maintaining this ratio should get a value of 1, which is limited to 1 to ensure that no penalty revenue. The formula for calculating the coefficient is as follows:
Uf , corresponds to the threshold value Operation and well regulated in the tables below for each IT.
Nhinst , corresponds to number of hours Equivalents made for the installation.
Nhmin , corresponds to the minimum number of hours Equivalents to perform the installation and well regulated value in the tables below for each IT.
CoefTrim , corresponds to the coefficient to multiply the values ​​Quarterly Threshold Operation and number of hours equivalent calculations coefficient D. In the first, second and third quarter of the year " to. "

Penalty for reactive [€ / MWh] : This corresponds to a penalty to be received by each producer [MWh] penalized according to the cosine of (phi) obtained. The penalty thresholds are:
Cos (phi) <0.98 -> Penalty 3 [%] of the energy produced at a rate of active 86.998 [€ / MWh]

Additionally, the values ​​covered by the RD413 / 2015, every producer is entitled to collect the concept of Baldita, which corresponds to the value of production time in [MWh], multiplied by the value times the price of wholesale electricity OMIE ( www.omie.es) in [€ / MWh].

For any technical information about the functioning of the financial or technical contact in support@respiraenergia.com or 931802960 .


The following drop-down will appear all IT described in order IET 1045/2014 rates, select the desired value for the evolution of their compensation values.

IT Code


IT values Rates are shown in the following tables according to their production technology.

Technology: BIOGAS

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Technology: BIOMASS

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Technology: CHP BIOMASS

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Technology: GEOTHERMAL

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Technology: HYDRAULIC

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Technology: WASTE

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Technology: WIND

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