If you operate with RESPIRA you have the guarantee that for each contract of electrical supply or of representation of producers we plant 1 tree for every 18 months of continuous operation we currently carry the following projects:


11/2015 - Nº Trees: 2200

Restoration work carried out and coordinated by the Sylvertstris Group on the "Las Lanchas" mountain in Valencia de Alcántara, through reforestation on the 4.4 hectare surface. 1,650 cork oaks (Quercus suber) and 550 holm oaks (Quercus ilex rotundifolia) are planted in the area, a total of 2,200 new trees on land worked in the autumn-winter of 2015/2016.


03/2018 - Nº Trees: 13382

Planting 382 trees of different varieties, mainly almond and olive trees, and 13,000 Nendo Dango balls made by the JAMBORINADA.CAT. The Nendo Dango balls were invented by the Japanese farmer, biologist and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka (1913 to 2008). Formed by several types of seeds wrapped in clay, they are a system designed to favor reforestation and desertification of areas where, for various reasons, the soil is being degraded and are made with an optimal creation process so that they can germinate successfully. The 13,000 balls Nendo Dango collected during the Central Act of the Jamborinada served to collaborate with the project "Boosts a yellow shoot", created by the ADF of Bruc and the neighbors of Bruc. The objective is to help the reforestation of three types of herbaceous plants to avoid the erosion of the affected land in the incendiodena fire in the summer of 2015.


03/2018 - Nº Trees: 50

Realization of a riverside forest plantation in Ceutí, next to the Ceutí-Lorquí bridge, destined to the environmental improvement of the Segura River. The activity is organized by the Association of Naturalists of Southeast ANSE, with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and the Biodiversity Foundation, within the framework of the "River Custody" and "Riberas del Segura" projects. It has the collaboration of: Ayuntamiento de Ceutí - Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Ceutí - Segura Hydrographic Confederation - LIFESEGURARIVERLINK - Martínez García Conservancy and Coalimar Warehouse of Ceutí - GESTIONA & RESPIRA - Asociación Alábega de Ceutí


03/2019 - Nº Trees: 0

Recovery of the riparian ecosystem and retreat resiudos riverside in Ceutí - Lorquí. It has the collaboration of: Ceutí City Council - Civil Protection Volunteers Association of Ceutí - Segura Hydrographic Confederation - TRAGASTEC - GESTIONA & RESPIRA - Asociación Alábega de Ceutí

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