Household rates

Tariff 2.0TD <= 15kW

Time discrimination

Variable price obtained last year
P1 Peak: 0.2652 €/kWh
P2 Base: 0.1648 €/kWh
P3 Valley: 0.1167 €/kWh
P1 Peak: 30.67 €/kW·year
P2 Base: 1.42 €/kW·year
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Working days

P1 Peak: 10h-14h & 18h-22h
P2 Base: 8h–10h & 14h-18h & 22h-0h
P3 Valley: 0h-8h


P3 Valley: 0h-0h

Working days

Working days

P1: 8h-24h
P2: 0h-8h


P2: 0h-24h

Working days
How is the price calculated?

The main price of electricity is determined daily in a matching process between supply and demand, managed by the electricity market operator (OMIE - The resulting price is different for every hour of the day. A part of the price of OMIE there is also related to physical network management that takes REE ( and Distributor taxes.

What will I pay?

You can receive a simulation of what you would pay with RESPIRA without any commitment. Post an invoice using the form below or provide the exact address of the supply and we will return a personalized study: REQUEST AN OFFER.

There is permanence fee?

No, there is no penalty for non permanence, we would like to count with you always, but you can leave whenever you want.

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