Rates for industires

Tariff 6.1A – High voltage > 1.000 V

Time discrimination

The price of energy varies by time of day and time of year:

January, February, Desember:

P1 Peak plus: from 10h to 13h
P2 Peak: from 8h to 10h, 13h to 18h and 21h to 24h
P6 Valley: from 24h to 8h

March, November:

P3 Base plus: from 16h to 22h
P4 Base: from 8h to 16h and 22h to 24h
P6 Valley: from 24h to 8h

April, May, October:

P5 Valley plus: from 8h to 24h
P6 Valley: from 24h to 8h

1 to 15 June, September:

P3 Base: from 9h to 17h
P4 Super Base: from 8h a 9h and 17h to 24h
P6 Super Valley: from 24h to 8h

16 to 30 June, July:

P1 Super Peak: from 11h to 19h
P2 Peak: from 8h to 11h and 19h to 24h
P6 Super Valley: from 24h to 8h

August, weekends, holidays:

P6 Super Valley: 24h

How is the price calculated?

The main price of electricity is determined daily in a matching process between supply and demand, managed by the electricity market operator (OMIE - www.omie.es). The resulting price is different for every hour of the day. A part of the price of OMIE there is also related to physical network management that takes REE (www.ree.es) and Distributor taxes.

What will I pay?

Through the operation Simulate Invocie in this website you could get what you would have paid in Respira and the 12 month forecast price, so would it be easy to validate what you would pay and the savings you could obtain.

There is permanence fee?

No, there is no penalty for non permanence, we would like to count with you always, but you can leave whenever you want.

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